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    Brother Greg Gordon has done a wonderful work with Sermon Index. On this site you will find thousands of the most biblical sermons known to man. Preachers such as, Ravenhill, Wilkerson, Conlon, Washer, Reidhead, Yohannan, etc. Including sermon downloads, you can post prayer requests, ask questions and connect with other believers from around the world. Read More +
  • I'll Be Honest

    Ill Be Honest has done a fabulous job in spreading the true Gospel around the world. Their video work, clips, and sermons are among the best. Check out a whole world of videos you may have never known existed. Read More +
  • We fear God

    Connect with like-minded links that strive to honor Jesus Christ. Contact We Fear God today. Does your site belong here as well? Find out. Learn more and discover many more links, videos and contacts from around the world. Read More +
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    For the Men Read More +
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  • Trousseau Chest

    Where the Spiritual Preparation Precedes The Physical Read More +
  • The Godly Home

    This website serves as a tool to proclaim the message of this great desire of our Lord God to all people. Read More +
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NOW Available

Sackcloth and Ashes

by brother Billy

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About Us

Why Time2Stand?

For the glory of God through the Lord Jesus Christ / for the edification of the church, both corporately and individually / for the spreading of the true Gospel to all mankind.
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May the love of Christ become wraught about in your soul, become beautiful in your eyes and become powerful in your life.

Confession of Faith

bible handWhat do we at Time2Stand believe in regards to our profession of faith? Click on the Confession page above.


The blog page is a live feed from Author Jeremy Strang. Jeremy has authored 6 books, including the newly released, Realities of a True Christian.cropped-books-candle


roman coliseum

Today there are over 200 million Christians suffering severe persecution of various types that many times leads to death.  There are another 400 million Christians suffering persecutions such as socially, economically, politically, mentally and physically.  There are over 51 nations of the world where the Bible is illegal and Christianity is not welcome.  Soon to be added to this list will be Europe and America. Learn more here.

Amazon Store

Check out our all NEW Amzon store. You can see our recommended, books, Bibles, music and more, or just search for items for yourself. A percent of every purchase comes back to Time2Stand and is used to further the Kingdom of Christ. Visit the store and make your next purchase through Amazon here.

FREE eBooks

Download Jeremy's last three book for FREE on pdf. Click on the free ebooks page above.
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We Fear God

Time2Stand is a member of We Fear God. "We Fear God is an humble attempt to creat an index of websites that are safe, and sound in the faith." To learn more about We Fear God or read their Statement of Faith, click here.
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    Street Rescue - Help Time2Stand help GFA to rescue children from the streets. Learn more here.
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    Author Jeremy B. Strang website
    jeremys books
    FREE eBooks - Jeremy B. Strang
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    Tortured for Christ - FREE Book
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    Gospel for Asia - FREE Resources
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    Uncompromising Faith Book
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    Sermon Index - FREE Sermons, Messages, Resources, Forums and more
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